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Terms and conditions

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Banca Transilvania does not guarantee that the information displayed on this website does not contain errors, although BT makes every effort to transmit updated and accurate information. Any person wishing to obtain information and / or purchase one of the services or products presented on the website is kindly asked to contact any of Banca Transilvania's units to find out more details – e.g. : availability, agreement terms, fees and commissions, exchange rate, etc.

Banca Transilvania cannot be legally liable for any damages or losses caused to the website user due to erroneous information. The information may change at any time and no guarantee can be granted regarding the accuracy, completeness or updating of the information provided. Banca Transilvania cannot guarantee or control the update and accuracy of the information presented on the websites of third parties, which are referred to, on the bank's website.

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  • To receive, from the bank or from the Banca Transilvania Financial Group, via e-mail, newsletters.
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  • Solving by the bank of the requests, questions and complaints addressed to the bank.

The Bank will maintain the confidentiality of this information, except for the information requested by the competent legal authorities. The bank will not rent or sell the database to third parties.

In accordance with the provisions of Law no. 677 of 2001, you benefit of the following rights: the right to information, the right of data access, the right to interfere with data, the right of opposition, the right of not being subject to an individual decision, the right to turn to the judicial courts.

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